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Writing A Will

A will is a legal document you draw up when you want to give or will your possessions away. Sounds simple enough, but never is. Writing a will can be tedious and expensive, knowing the right way and avoiding common pitfalls are crucial considerations, so it is important that you speak to experienced advisers. 

Managing Different Asset Classes

One of the main considerations when looking into different asset classes is knowing how it will be looked after when your intended beneficiary is waiting for his or her probate. 

Your investments may suffer major losses (think 6 months or more of doing nothing) if not attended to properly. This might derail all your protection plans you put in place to look after your dependants. 

A Process

Processes are important in estate planning because they allow you to address the more nuanced issues effectively. More often than not, going through your asset inventory will actually make you review your holdings and will realign them to work for you more effectively. You need to deal with experienced advisers that have processes in place and to develop your will further when you need to. 

A Guardian

When you have minors under your care, you may want to ensure that they have a loving and fruitful upbringing close to the values you treasure, this is when appointing a guardian becomes important. Counselling a guardian and acknowledging the fact they might not want to be one, needs to be addressed and should not be left to chance. You need to make sure that there will always be enough to provide for your dependants and not to burden your guardians. 


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