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"What Lawyers Don't Tell You About Planning Your Will"

229 Mountbatten Road, #03-30 Mountbatten Square

Singapore 398007

Did you know that you place your family at a distinct disadvantage 

should you pass away without a will?

And besides, your estate could pass on to unintended beneficiaries if distribution is left to the law.

Would you dare take such a risk?

Learning how to go about writing your will.
Must a will be done through a lawyer?
Why is Estate Planning a key to a well written will?
Do I have to list down everything I own?

This 1-hour talk will answer many questions on will including:
Could my assets pass over my family and land with my in-laws?
Will my heirs have to settle my debt?
What are the duties of an executor?

At the end of the talk you will be fully equipped with the relevant knowledge on pitfalls to avoid and the best course of action in organizing your estate for distribution through a well crafted estate plan. 

Reserve your seat for this informative event! 

The Speaker

Mr Joseph Rozario

Joseph Rozario is a member of the panel of speakers for a major financial institution. Holding an MBA, Mr Rozario specialises in the field of Estate Planning for High Net Worth individuals. He has several years of experience in commerce in capacities, ranging from senior trader to CEO. Now as an adviser, he shares his wealth of experience through personal consultation and public seminars.