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Successful investing calls for an understanding of how to manage your investment portfolio

Growing your assets in an ever changing world

Planning Your Investments

The key to successful wealth accumulation for retirement or for a family is a sound investment plan. You are often bombarded with articles, telling what you should invest in and what should be done - confusing the matter further. Essentially, the only method that will work is a steadfast, methodical and informed plan. 

Knowing What to Invest In

The plethora of investment products may have left a bitter taste for some investors. Investment products have become complicated and tend to merge one or two instruments together to seem less homogenous, this however increases intrinsic fees. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. It is never too late to learn. 

The Risk Involved

When you make an investment you need to know how much you can afford to lose from that investment before investing in it. Everyone has different levels of tolerance to loss and it involves realisation and self-questioning. Overcommitting to a safe instrument for too long is detrimental to the investment process and you might find yourself short of money at an old age or you will not be able to live the way you have grown accustomed to. 

What Do I Do Now?

Speaking to the right financial adviser who has a team that can interact with the different investment professionals on your behalf is important. There needs to be a support structure put in place for when you are unsure. 

Being honest with your goals and your current financial and emotional situations are also important. The investment landscape can be a complicated and an unsavoury arena without the right support structure in place. It is best shared with a professional and not dealt with alone. 


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