Crafting Leather

The biggest thing that fuels what we do is why we do it.

The biggest thing that fuels what we do is why we do it.
This is our core purpose; the reason for our existence:

To help our people realize

their hopes, goals, and dreams

for themselves and their families.

People are at the centre of our work -

our clients, our partners, our advisers, our staff, and our leaders.

These are our people - and their families matter too.

All of us have hopes, goals and dreams -

and it often involves our desired future of financial well-being.

We work hard to care for our family's well-being and future.

But when the time comes, do our hopes, goals and dreams

along with our accumulated assets reach our loved ones

in the manner we wished for? Or contrary to our wishes,

does it end up in cost, conflict and confusion for our family?

With over 30 years of experience, our team of professionals

at Highlife Advisory help people build their estate plans

using our unique – Funnel-Based Estate Planning System.

We recognize that an effective estate plan requires all estate

tools to be well stitched together to help realize your wishes.

Educational Experiences
We create and provide educational seminars and webinars to equip individuals and families with estate planning insights.

Funnel-based Estate Planning
The simple yet crucial Will and Estate planning system necessary to craft effective, well-stitched estate plans for individuals, families and businesses.